Taking vacations with your family may be the best times you spend with your kids and spouse all year. It’s a time that is free from the stresses of life and all the responsibilities and errands you need to take care of each day.

There are so many places that are family friendly these days, but when you’re looking for a place to take your loved ones, one option that should be on the top of your list is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Not only do they offer all types of attractions for every member of the family, but there are also indoor and outdoor activities to take part in. Additionally, there are a number of resorts that will cater to your needs and make your family feel right at home.

These places can help you feel welcome in a city away from your house, and allow you to be close to all the action the beach has to offer.

Top Notch Resorts

Here are some of the best resorts in the area and what they can offer you when you stay with them. They range in the amenities they provide, but all of them offer so many that it may become hard to choose what you want to do.

Captain’s Quarters Resort

This hotel not only has a cool name, but you’ll fit right at home there if you love the water. It is located near the Boardwalk, with easy access to a nearby amusement park. However, the property itself has over a dozen pools, waterfalls, and more.

There is also a whole section of the hotel dedicated to fun with an arcade and bowling alley. There are even restaurants that specialize in all kid’s favorite foods.

Dunes Village Resort

This resort has so many things to do; you won’t even need to leave the property. There are 4 restaurants for when you need to fill your stomach, and a fitness center for when you need to work off those calories. The resort also features 2 water parks and all the sports you can handle. These include mini-golf, billiards, basketball, tennis, and video games.

Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort

Compass Cove has kid’s activities all summer that are supervised, so you know your kids will be having fun and staying safe. There’s also an arcade and a place to rent movies, so your whole family can watch them together.

This means you won’t even have to miss your weekly movie night just because you are on vacation. Furthermore, there are numerous restaurants and nearly 2 dozen pools, which are both inside and outside.

Carolinian Beach Resort

This place has great perks. You get free admission to some of the nearby water and sporting attractions when you stay here. It’s also located right on the beach, so you’re nearby everything else you want to do.

Your family will be so close to downtown, which means you can take in all the sights, go swimming or boating, or anything else you may want to do in the city. Of course, the hotel also has indoor pools and hot tubs, which can be utilized any time of year.

Other Things to Consider

These hotels are examples of many places in the area. There aren’t just a few places that are great to take your whole family. In fact, most places are family friendly. There is an easy vibe in Myrtle Beach, and so many things to do with your kids.

Another good thing to remember is that the town isn’t too big. You won’t have a hard time finding your way around and you won’t be inundated by tons of other visitors. While there are many visitors to the town each year, there’s so much to do, you shouldn’t have a problem being able to find someplace to do it, without having to wait in line all day.

You and your children will have fun, and there are also some great sports to watch, and tons of golf to play. If someone in your home loves golf, they might be overwhelmed with all the golf courses the city has to offer.

If you still need more information about taking a trip to this wonderful city, request a travel pack. All you need to do is fill out the form, and someone will be able to connect with you and help you answer all the questions you have.

This can help you figure out what packages you can afford and what comes with these packages. Besides that, having someone to help you make arrangements can be a lifesaver, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to research and you need expert advice.


Everyone knows that Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit, especially if you love sports and the outdoors. The only problem is, there are so many places to stay and you need to keep your family’s needs in mind when you are making your plans.

All the best resorts in the area have many pools, water parks, and other things to do when you stay there. They also offer restaurants and extra perks, like laundry service, bowling, arcades, and free internet. Many are also located right on the beach, so you can have private access to the beachfront.

Booking your plans can also be just as easy as deciding where to go. If you need some guidance, fill out this form and one of our team can help you figure out where to stay, and help you fit all the things you want to do into your allotted budget.

Best of all, the service is easy to use and offers professional results. Remember Myrtle Beach when you are craving family fun, and also keep in mind all the activities that are great for everyone that lives in your house. Anyone that loves the water, golf, or just relaxing will enjoy their time in the city.

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