You have done the hard part and decided where you want to take your family on vacation. Now, you need to do all the planning. The first thing you should decide is when you want to take your family to Myrtle Beach, and what you want to do while you’re there. There are thousands of things to do in the city, and a quick search on the internet will tell you about most of these.

The city doesn’t have many permanent residents, but you wouldn’t know with the amount of attractions that are available. Besides the obvious beach activities and things you can do on the water, there are many other sports you can take advantage of. You can play golf all day long on one of hundreds of golf courses, or take in a baseball or soccer game.

You can also go to the movies, museums, or amusement parks in the area. If you want to buy some items to remind you of your trip, there are gift shops, and all types of stores, which will allow you to shop until you drop.

Besides that, many hotels not only have attractions on the hotel grounds, like indoor and outdoor pools, they also can offer you rebates or free passes to other options nearby.

Top Rated Hotels

Here are some of the highest rated hotels and what they have to offer. They feature different packages, depending what time of the year it is.

Seaside North

This resort is most beneficial to those that love golf. It is located near all of the best courses and many other things in the city. It also has pools, rooms which have all the appliances you need, including microwaves, ovens, and fridges, internet, and places to work out. This means you don’t have to break any of your routines when you stay here.

Avista Resort

This is another great one if you want to be in the middle of all the action. It is within walking distance to many of the top things to do in the city, and there are numerous pools to lounge the day away. Besides that, the front desk is available at all times, and there are restaurants for when you get hungry. There is even one café that is poolside, which offers a great atmosphere.

Embassy Suites


Holiday Sands

How about staying in a hotel that is right on the ocean? This one is, and has many other things that make it a great place to stay. There is an area to sunbathe outside, pools, saunas, fast elevators, a place to read books, a business center, restaurants, and a place to do laundry. Besides that, they offer discounted rates on the theater.

Breakers Resort

This hotel has a gorgeous view of the ocean, so you can walk right outside to have access to all types of fun in the sun. If that isn’t your thing, there are also over a dozen pools, numerous restaurants, a spa, and places to play games. Furthermore, there are DVD kiosks, so you can watch the latest movies, and supervised activities that kids can take part in during the summer months.



North Beach Plantation

This quaint facility specializes in making you feel at home. They have special golf packages for sports lovers, and also offer spa treatments. For the young ones, there are lots of pools and games to take advantage of. If you need to work off some of the decadent food they have in their restaurants, there are fitness rooms, and you can even take a Pilates class.

This is Just the Beginning

These are just a few of the best hotels that the city has to offer. They are representative of what to envision when you are trying to come up with a hotel package that will meet all your expectations. Between the activities, amenities, and atmosphere of the city, each of these places also has fully furnished rooms, and in some cases suites or larger condominiums, so you will be vacationing in the lap of luxury.

Making arrangements is a breeze as well. All you need to do is fill out our travel package request form and we can send you all the information you need. We will be able to give you rates and advice on options that won’t leave you in debt. You can even ask us any questions or comments you have, and someone will be able to point you in the right direction.


The town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of a kind. It has all the fun things you will find in other areas that border large oceans and have beachfront property, but there is also so much more to do. There are hundreds of places to play golf, many of which are world famous, and lots of water activities to do with the kids.

Moreover, there are plenty of places to experience the nightlife, or go to a concert or movie. No matter what time of year you visit or how many people are traveling with you, there is some place you can stay where you will feel right at home.

We can help you make all your arrangements and get a deal that will make you happy. You can peruse our site for tips, or fill out a simple form for more information on traveling and rates. If you need more help, search online for hotels and attractions, to see what you can see in the city and what you want to be near.

For instance, if you love music, you may want to stay near the Carolina Opry. A serious golfer may need to stay somewhere that is close to all the greens.

There is no limit to what you can do in Myrtle Beach and it’s a lot of fun for the whole family. Consider booking your vacation as soon as possible for the best rates, and you may be able to get special deals on events, museums, or amusement parks.

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