There are many places to take a vacation, but not all of these places will have the things your family loves to do. Some places claim they’re good for all ages, but this isn’t always true. However, Myrtle Beach is quite friendly for families, and offers so many things to do and see.

There’s everything from swimming and surfing, to sports and movie theaters. This includes things for every family member to do individually, or you can get together and do things as a unit. There’s shopping and spas for the ladies, plenty of golf and water sports for the men, and arcades, pools, and amusement parks for the kids.

Great Resorts

Besides the entire city being great for a family vacation spot, many resorts also fit the bill. They have things to do year-round and enough activities on site to keep you from getting too homesick.

The city has a climate that can be enjoyed almost any time of the year, so even if you need a fall getaway, this place is perfect. You may even be able to get a great rate by booking a vacation off season, when hotels tend to be emptier.

Caribbean Resort and Villas

Not only does this resort have buildings named after different Caribbean Islands, but it also has plenty of extras in all the rooms, no matter the size. The hotel has pools, water slides, some of which face the ocean and others that can be used no matter which season you are traveling in.

Restaurants, a yogurt shop, and a tiki bar are also on site. You are even very close to many other restaurants, as well as stores to shop until you drop.

Long Bay Resort

This hotel has all the eating and water attractions that anyone could want. There is a buffet at breakfast, other restaurants to help you throughout the day, and even a coffee place, for when you want a little something special.

As for the water, there’s a large pool that faces the ocean, as well as saunas and whirlpools. If you are staying there in the summer, there are special activities for the kids.

Also, if you want to go shopping, there is a gift store, and you’re very close to other beach shops, so that you can buy souvenirs for all your friends back home.

Caravelle Resort

This hotel not only has traditional hotel rooms, but it also specializes in larger condos, in case you have many people in your party. You may also be vacationing for much of the summer or an extended period of time. There are plenty of places to eat, including an ice cream parlor, and places to buy gifts.

Besides that, there are pools, and other water themed attractions right on site. It is also close to many of the most legendary golf courses in the city, so you won’t have to go very far to play a few holes.

Booking Your Vacation

If you are not familiar with South Carolina or have never booked a vacation before, you will probably need some help. While these hotels are some of the best family spots the town has to offer, they are just a small portion of what is available.

You may end up needing some help figuring out where to stay and what is available to you on the campus of your hotel and nearby. Of course, you don’t have to go it alone.

If you fill out our contact form, we can contact you with information on hotel listings and rates. We may also be able to clear up other questions and concerns you might have.


When you are in Myrtle Beach, you’ll feel right at home. This is because of all the things there are to do, which really mimic life in the big city. You won’t be away from home, missing your favorite coffee shop or going to the movies.

However, it isn’t a large city; it is small enough to still be a safe and fun place to visit. There are things to do at any age, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that your whole family will love their stay there.

Each hotel offers something a little bit different, but most have their own restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, and many also feature water parks and arcades. This means you can send your children off to have some fun and not worry about them getting lost or leaving the hotel property.

When you decide this is where you want to go on vacation, fill out this form to get more detailed information on places to stay and things to see.

They may be able to tell you about the price ranges, amenities, and even what you can do near different hotels.

It is a good idea to do some research on the city, so you know what activities you want to do while you are there, and also places you want to visit. Then, you will know what your schedule will need to look like to get everything done.

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